Here is why Summer Weddings are Best Weddings 

For most people, if you ask them about their perfect, dream wedding, they will tell you that summer weddings are their most favorite, beautiful and romantic affairs ever. It does not matter if you are planning a gorgeous beach wedding in the morning, or perhaps an afternoon wedding located in a breathtaking garden, there are many different planning steps you need to take, and tips and tricks to examine.

This is an extremely important day in your life, so everything has to be perfect. Read on to learn more!

Summer Wedding Budget

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First of all, there is no single, set amount of money you should prepare for your dream summer wedding. This is mostly because the total depends on so many factors, like the destination, the menu, the number of guests, and of course, the flowers and decorations you want to have. Since we cannot really pin a price on something that can be as diverse as a wedding, the best way to estimate the money required is to put on paper everything you want and ask the venues and companies that deal with these services.

Summer Wedding Locations

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Now, let us get to the more important stuff! The most important part for a summer wedding is the location, and choosing the perfect spot can be tough. In your wedding planner, put down the most desired locations, as well as your top choice alternatives just in case of an unexpected weather change. All of your guests should be and feel comfortable at all times, have enough shade and/or warmth during the day. For an outdoors ceremony, avoid the hottest summer days, especially at beaches. If you cannot avoid it, prepare things like paper fans and umbrellas so that the guests can be cool during your special day.

Gardens are perhaps an easier and cooler option, with much more shade and fresh air thanks to the plants. When the night sets in, some couples like to move the party indoors, while others remain outside. In any case, the decision is yours, and you should do whatever you like. Ask around for the best venues that offer such services and start planning!

Outdoor Summer Wedding Decorations

The overall decorations and flowers at your wedding influence the overall atmosphere and setting of your wedding the most. For an outdoor wedding, you can and should take advantage of your surroundings as much as possible. If the beach or a garden has its own flowers, beautiful nature, and breathtaking views, go with the theme and enhance the general vibe of the place. Do not try too hard to outshine nature. Instead, go with what is has given you.

If you want some fresh flowers that will be brought in, make sure they have enough water and other conditions to survive a hot day in the summer sun or place them in a nice shade. Plants that will easily wilt are much better suited for an inside wedding, so use them if you plan to move the party inside at a later point of the day. For a more simple and elegant wedding, you can always go with a flower wall. Just keep in mind that the colors and other decorations should fit the theme, and go well with the nature surrounding your desired spot.

Keep Your Wedding Dress Light

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Regarding your wedding dress, as well as the ones you may provide for your bridesmaids, they should be lightweight and cool, made from materials summer clothing usually use. Feeling hot and flustered on your big day is the last thing you need. You might get nervous anyway, so at least you should eliminate feeling anxious because you are hot and dehydrated!

Similarly, try to go with a hairstyle that keeps the hair away from your face and makeup, in order for your face to remain cool and comfortable throughout the day.

We must not forget about the guys either! Their suits and dress shirts should also be light and cool. Most of them will probably take off their jackets after the formalities end anyway, so linen summer shirts are probably the best way to go.

Use the Best Catering

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Both for the guests and for the bride and groom, the food provided by the catering company of your choice is one of the most important factors for a successful and unforgettable wedding. Having quality and tasty food, and only the finest of beverages is something all friends and family expect form any wedding, let alone a dream summer event long into the night!

For outside ceremonies, the food should be able to resist the summer heat and remain fresh. Therefore, food items that spoil quickly and easily should be avoided, or you have to have a decent place to keep them chilled for an extended period of time. Finger foods are a fan favorite, and they are a great pairing for cocktails. To achieve this, use chilled platters or place them on ice for guests to serve themselves. Try to cover the platters to protect the food from the insects. The best finger food for a summer wedding is fruit and vegetable platters, cheese platters, ice-cold seafood, and gazpacho. All of these will refresh your guests and keep them occupied and full.

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On the side of the drinks, they tend to be more important at weddings than food. A bar, or a couple of them, is essential for a summer wedding. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cold drinks should be available at all times. People will drink more in the heat. If you want to change the game a bit, try new cocktails or interesting frozen drinks. One thing I must remember is to have loads of ice ready during the whole wedding. This can be achieved by having multiple portable coolers filled with it.

Lastly, we need to talk about the always important wedding cake. Your cake is yet another thing the guests will be impatient to see. If a large, multi-layered cake is what you want, your desired venue destination has to have enough room to hold it and cool it, until the time for serving arrives. If they do not have a large enough walk-in fridge or freezer, your wedding cake will melt completely. Again, if you want to do something unique and different for your big day, you can always go with an ice cream bar! Make sure to have around a dozen flavors, as well as many different toppings. This way, all of the guests will be able to make their own perfect wedding ice cream dessert. Another option is a fruit salad, or large milkshakes and smoothies. Let your imagination do the work!


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To summarize, a summer wedding is a very beautiful event to plan and host. Although it can be stressful, no matter what part of summer you go for, what destination you choose, and what kind of a menu you serve to the guests, it is bound to be fun and enjoyable, especially if you take time and plan for everything. Summer season is the most wonderful time of year, when the days are longer and when nature and weather are at their best. Remember to utilize the gifts they have given you to enhance your big day even more.

Being surrounded by untouched nature, beaches, the sea, and the sound of animals are as romantic as you can get during the year. While all of it is happening around you, remember to have fun and be comfortable with your significant other. For more tips and ideas on planning your dream wedding, check out this helpful wedding guide here! It is your biggest day yet after all, and everyone will be there to celebrate you and your love!