Symbolic Meanings of Wedding Flowers – Can Flowers Present Feelings?

Flowers have always been good representatives for expressions. There is a room for every flower in the garden. Feeling happy, sad, emotional, dull, stressed, anything, just being surrounded by some of these beauties can enhance your moods.

With, make your moments more special, joyous and memorable. We can combine your feelings with our flowers to make them yours forever.

Flowers and their colours

Every single flower has different shades and vibrant colours too. The different look and fragrance give them individuality. Though the names will be the same the identity can represent themselves, very brightly.

Each colour has a different meaning to it. Say all with the flower about your feelings.

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Feelings you can convey

Just like flowers, our feelings also vary from situation to situation, person to person. One can never feel the same about two. In the same way, two flowers cannot be the same ever. Feelings are meant to be conveyed with flowers.

Here is the list of feelings which we are happy to deliver with our flowers:

  • Hope: Flowers bring hope, happiness and positivity. They nourish the surroundings and fill the feeling of peace everywhere. They encourage you to grow better and brighter.
  • Delicacy: The delicate nature of flowers defines them. Delicacy does not make you emotionally weak and fragile but a soft natured one. It makes you strong enough to hold your own identity. It is a good characteristic of a kind person.
  • Natural Beauty: Flowers have an air of attitude. They stand bold even when dying. They are nature’s gift to mankind. The beauty of a flower is the purest without any modification. Feelings should be pure and genuine like flowers, humbled by the amazing scents and good thoughts.
  • Humbleness: Being humble is a person’s way to become a better person. If your loved one is one of those, then try to give them a flower that represents humbleness. It will represent your feeling of appreciation towards their nature.

List of flowers with the symbols of feelings

Wide range of nature’s creations cannot be covered at once. But some of it can be assembled to make it easy for you to select and gather knowledge. Many flowers are related to historical myths and meanings. Each differs from the other, but certainly represents nature as a whole.

1. Lotus

Source: China Daily

A flower that grows in the mud, a rebirth and rising from the dark place into beautiful blooms. Lotus flower is cherished in many religions and every colour has a different meaning for the astounding flower.

  • White – White lotus flower is a symbol of being awakened finally. They represent spiritual perfection and mental purity as well.
  • Blue – When your spirit is the ruler of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Pink – Pink lotus flower is considered as supreme of all.
  • Red – Red lotus flower is the symbol of hearts soulful compassion.

2. Tulips

Source: Silk Wedding Designs

The beauty of flowers is reflected without any modifications. They are what they are, nothing is fake in them. In the same way, tulips are different but they have their own identity. The Turkish civilization grew tulips especially as a symbol of paradise on earth.

Over time, tulips have also been associated with love and passion, as well. The different shades of tulips represent their worth individually.

  • Bright Red – The bright red shade of tulips is a symbol of love and strong passion. They are meant for lovers only.
  • Pink – These are the best to give away flowers for family and friends. They represent a little less passion and perfect love from the bright red tulip flowers.
  • Yellow – The yellow tulips are sentimental flowers. where you love someone but you are aware that the other person does not feel the same.

3. Hibiscus Flowers

Source: Wikipedia

The hibiscus flower has a short life but a brighter one. They can bloom over and over if the bush or tree is well cared for. Hibiscus is considered a feminine flower, presented to women mainly. The feelings you can share with the different shades of hibiscus flowers are:

  • Red – Just like any other flower in red colour, hibiscus flowers are also carriers of love, life and passion.
  • Yellow – Yellow hibiscus flowers are associated with sunshine. They are said to bring happiness and good luck.
  • White – The purest shade, white of a hibiscus flower symbolizes purity, femininity and appreciation for beauty.
  • Pink – With an exception of romantic love, all types of love are represented with the flower shade of pink. Friendships are under the pink shade.
  • Purple – Purple is not a very common shade among the flowers, they are unique, the same as they represent. Purple hibiscus flower symbols mystery, higher class and knowledge.

4. Orchids

Source: Pinterest

Orchids are the symbols of mystery, luxury and refinement. They make an ideal gift for loved ones, with each coloured orchid. They silently relay messages and seal the moments between you and your loved ones. The different coloured orchids mean different, are :

  • Orange – Orange orchid is a symbol of pride and boldness. It reflects your feeling of enthusiasm when given to someone.
  • Yellow – Yellow is always for friends and life long friendships. The yellow orchid represents the best present for new beginnings and new joyous success.
  • White – Orchid flower in the white shade is pure and serene. It is a symbol of innocence and elegance. It is a perfect gift for your innocent daughter.
  • Green – Green shade of an orchid flower relays longevity, nature, life, fortune, health and blessings. Feel free to present them to your dear ones.

The combinations of lighter and brighter shades can enhance the creativity of a bouquet tenfold. The gift baskets have a variety of options for every relation, from mother, wife, sister, daughter, fiance, girlfriend or best buddies.

Source: Architectural Digest


Just like always, everything became more vibrant with amazing flowers and the magical heaven they created. Add them with the feelings and you will have your moments with an abundance of sensational vibes.