How to Safely Dry Clean Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most prized possessions of a woman. Your wedding day is the biggest and most awaited chapter of your life, and a beautiful dress will make your day unique and memorable.

Some women prefer buying their wedding gowns rather than renting out. They put care and attention to their wedding dress more than you can imagine.

Brides-to-be provide tender, love, and care on their wedding dress by dry cleaning it before and after their wedding. It is important to dry clean your wedding dress before storing them as a souvenir.

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Why do you need to dry clean a wedding gown before storing it?

You might not notice the stains or dirt on the hem of your dress during your wedding day. These are the common things you will find on your wedding dress after the big day– food particles, food stains, and dirt or grime on the hem.

There are several ways to clean a wedding gown. You can hand wash, laundry clean, or dry clean them. Hand washing uses water and detergent; you remove the stains by rubbing the dress together with your hands. Laundry clean, use hot water, and detergent in a washing machine to remove stain and dirt.

Meanwhile, dry cleaning does not use water to remove stains and dirt. Instead, it uses tetrachloroethylene and a dry cleaning machine. Among the three ways to clean your wedding dress, dry cleaning is the best method.

Dry cleaning removes stains, grimes and kills any possible insect or microorganism that’s on your garment. It ensures the quality of your wedding dress is intact because its machine is not abrasive. It ensures no wear and tear or color fade.

The chemical, tetrachloroethylene, strengthens the gown’s fabric, making it look better. Moreover, since it does not use water, your wedding dress is safe from shrinking.

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Is it safe to wash a wedding dress in a washing machine?

Although it is mentioned that you can wash your wedding dress in a washing machine, you have to remember two conditions when using this method– check the fabric of the dress and whether there are embellishments on it.

Wedding gowns are known for their stylish designs. That’s why you have to check on the fabric it is made of, ensure that it is washing machine-friendly. Other than the material, the wedding gown should have no embellishments on it. There is some wedding dress with removable embellishments, removes them before putting them in the machine, and washing the dress in a bare state. Embellishments might be stuck on the washing machine during its cycle resulting in rips and tears.

If you insist on washing your wedding dress in the washing machine, it is best to use a wash bag to ensure it will not be stuck on the washing machine or rip.

Your wedding dress is one of the most precious pieces of clothing, that’s why you want to make sure it’s always in excellent condition even if it’s stored in the wardrobe. Instead of doing it on your own, why not bring it to a dry cleaning expert, like Liox?

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Things to Do Before Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress

There a few things you have to do before handing your wedding dress to the dry cleaning expert:

  • Check the wash label of the gown. The same with washing regular clothes,  you have to check the care label to ensure you are properly cleaning the garment. Check the cleaning methods required for wedding dresses. If your gown is made with old, vintage, and antique materials, then it cannot withstand harsh chemicals.
  • Check decorations and embellishments on the gown. It is expected for dresses to have decorations and embellishments. Check if your gown has one; remove them if they are removable.
  • Inspect for stains. With any garment, it is not advised to have stains on them. That’s why inspect the dress for stains and dirt to know where it should be cleaned thoroughly.

Head over to laundry services that offer dry cleaning. It may be a little expensive, but it is better than dealing with the damages on your dress if you do it on your own.


Process of Dry Cleaning Wedding Dress

Dry cleaning your gown is the first step to preservation.

Now that you have taken your wedding dress to the laundry shop, the dry cleaning experts will proceed to a step by step process to dry clean your gown efficiently. If you notice a stain on your dress, tell the experts in advance, so they know how to treat your dress.

You do not have to worry about your dress when it is with the dry cleaners. They know well about their job, and they pay attention to the wash label on your dress. Experts will follow the instructions and do the appropriate cleaning solutions for your wedding dress.

Lastly, after you have received your cleaned wedding dress, store them in a cool and dark place. Protect your dress from direct sunlight. Exposure to sunlight will quickly fade and cause the dress to have yellow discoloration.

Moreover, do not hang your dress from a hanger. It is a heavy dress, and hanging the dress on a hanger may lead to misshaping the gown. Do not store the gown in a zip-up plastic bag. It will only hold moisture and damage the wedding dress. You can keep it inside a wedding preservation box that is professionally made. These preservation boxes are made acid-free, protecting your gown from air and light, making the dress safe for several years.

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Final Thoughts

The secret to how you can keep your wedding gown clean and safe even in storage is letting a professional do the job. Trying to do it at home may turn out badly. Thus, give your wedding dress the treatment it deserves. Check out laundry services that offer dry cleaning. Have your laundry picked up at your house and wait for a few hours until your wedding dress is done.