10 Pro Tips on How to Organise an Epic Stag Weekend

A Stag Do Weekend is not only about the cult of drinking to celebrate the groom’s new future of no longer being a single and free according to some. You need some whizz and fizz to keep the party atmosphere going during the 2 or 3 days of celebrations and such cities as e.g.: Krakow step up to plate to provide all the party fun during the daylight hours and night time activities.

A fantastic way to kick start your weekend party is to be met at the airport and travel to your accommodation by a:

1. Strip Party Bus & Strip Limousine. This sets the mood right away and everybody knows the weekend is going to be epic. Turn up the heat with a second Strip Artist if you want to go mega! Bars, music, lightshow and definitely fun to be on board. The Party Bus or limousine will drop you off at your accommodation to check in and then you look forward to the next event your organiser has arranged.

When it comes to hosting an unforgettable party on wheels, Toronto Bus Party is a viable option that offers a range of exciting possibilities. Bus parties have gained immense popularity in recent years, providing a unique and exhilarating experience for party-goers. It offers spacious and well-equipped buses that can accommodate large groups, making it an ideal choice for birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, and other special occasions.

The allure of a bus party lies in its ability to create a lively and dynamic atmosphere. With booming music, vibrant lighting, and a festive ambiance, the party never stops as you and your friends dance and mingle throughout the journey. Whether you’re cruising through the city streets or embarking on a scenic route, the bus becomes your personal party hub.

This party ensures that your experience is seamless and enjoyable. With professional and friendly staff, they take care of the logistics, allowing you to focus on having a great time. From drop-offs at your desired destinations to coordinating with your event organizer, they strive to provide a hassle-free and memorable experience for everyone on board.

2. Party Boat Cruise – a great option for a lazy afternoon admiring views. And oh boy- the views can be stunning, especially if you add a naked oriental dancer to spice it up.

Depending on the time of day the next up should be a wholesome meal after your travels, therefore:

3. Stag dinner. A classic event which satisfies both the senses and stomach which will help get through the night of traditional Stag Party debauchery. A scrumptious meal followed some scrumptious Strip Artists will highlight this epic weekend.

After the meal and Strip Show the best way to get to know the pub life is to have a Guided Pub Crawl, essential on the first night, the Guides offer a lot of advice on how to pass the weekend in great venues and notes on not getting ripped off.

4. Guided Pub Crawl, unless you’re local in the town it’s a very wise idea to get the pub crawl organised for you and the lads by o professional stag do company, especially when abroad. You want to hit the sweet spot and visit most interesting places instead of ending up in lines trying to get in to “a” nightclub, paying up for the strip club, or overpaying for entry. Pub crawl Reps have huge knowledge of local party venues, and it’s their duty to protect you from tourist scams and make sure you have fun. Also pub crawls are usually cheap to add, and some of them include plenty of drink on offer

5. VIP Dance Club Entry, an organised pre-paid with table reservation and drinks in some cases is good advice as the queues to enter the most popular clubs can take the edge of the evening. A Guide will escort you and your group will jump the queue to get in and she will organise the drinks for you in the club.

6. VIP Strip Club Entry, always take an organised trip to the Strip Clubs from dedicated Stag & Hen companies, there are plenty of forums and articles on the scams in operation, unfortunately, in any popular Stag destination there are pitfalls and the wrong strip club could cost you dearly, financially speaking. Like the VIP Dance Club Entry, you get a full service of reserved tables, drinks and a special attention to the Stag.

7. Vodka tasting, whisky tasting beer or wine tasting- you choose your “poison”. When visiting France or Hungary go for wine tasting, when visiting UK go for whisky, when visiting Eastern Europe (especially Poland) go for vodka (as Poland is the country which “invented” it).

8. Oil Wrestling & Vodka Tasting, some stag and hen destinations offer this fantastic event. Initially, you start with the Vodka Tasting spectacle where a professional barman prepares some of finest vodka concoctions accompanied with his rendition of each shot’s origins and platters of drinking snacks are served with the shots. Then it’s “Show Time”- watching the two Fighter Strippers in the oil arena is something not to be missed. After two rounds of some slick and hot moves the Fighter Strippers invite the Stag to wrestle with them in the 3rd and final hot ‘n steamy round. Make sure the Stag has a change of clothes on hand too.

When you are working overtime on the celebration Stag Party it is a great idea to take time out and get something to eat with your drinking spree. One of the best drinking meals is the:

9. Brewery dinner – such dinners are usually organised in local microbreweries. You get to try proper pub food with freshly brewed (or seasoned !) beer. Krakow is one the stag destinations which offer this activity a sample menu includes a huge dinner consisting of Żurek soup served in a bread bowl, a large beer marinated ham-hock with mustard, bread and Polish pickles.

10. Last but not least- you don’t want the boys to keep on drinking whole day and night, therefore you need a sport oriented daytime activity to wake them up. Everyone’s gonna suffer from a hangover, so avoid physical activities which require a lot of cardio work. Therefore one of the choicest stag activities is e.g.: a shooting range trip or go-karting

There you are special tips and activities explained to make your Stag Party a perfect weekend. I would point out that instead of booking the activities mentioned separately look for a reputable stag do company that will offer you a set package deal as it will more than likely be cheaper and depending on your group number the Stag goes for free. Also, some companies offer more discount if you take accommodation with them. One such company based in Krakow is Party Krakow who have Stag & Hen package deals with or without accommodation plus a choice of add in day time activities and further night time surprises to keep the party atmosphere going throughout the weekend.