Why Italy is the Perfect Location for Your Destination Wedding

The world is quickly becoming smaller and more easily accessible these days thanks to travel. All the while travel has become a rite of passage for most young people. Therefore, it is no wonder that this wanderlust is spilling into the world of wedding planning too, with many couple choosing a destination wedding when preparing to tie the knot.

Getting married abroad means that the nuptials become much more than a one-day celebration. Rather it is an experience that family and friends will reminisce over and enjoy for many years to come.

If you are currently in midst of planning your destination wedding, then consider Italy. This utterly romantic country is the perfect combination of love, travel and food. It offers a unique and different experience to couples for so many reasons. Read on to discover why Italy is the perfect location for your wedding abroad.

1. You will have breathtaking photos

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Italy is a stunning destination for wedding photography, and its romantic allure makes it an ideal choice. With pristine lakes, winding cobblestone roads, and ancient ruins, Italy offers an irresistible backdrop for capturing what will likely be some of the most precious memories of a couple’s lives.

Lake Como, in particular, has become a popular destination to exchange vows with its lush rolling hills and shimmering lake waters providing the perfect backdrop. The charming Italian villas can provide a remarkable setting for Lake Como wedding photographers to capture the couple’s “first look” photos together before heading off to explore this amazing region.

The country’s long-lasting legacy of art and culture also adds another layer to these unforgettable photographs as couples can find inspiration from Renaissance masterpieces like Michelangelo’s “David” or Botticelli’s “Primavera” when planning out their own dreamy photo session.

2. Diverse choice of venues

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Italy can offer perhaps the widest choice of settings and venues thanks to its geography and to a past steeped in history and architecture. There will be an ideal location suited to you and your partner no matter your style, taste and preferences. Italy’s choice of wedding venues has the ability to cater equally for large elegant celebrations or beautifully romantic low-key parties.

City palazzos in Venice, grand lake side villas along Lake Como, countryside retreats in Tuscany, restructured farmhouses in Puglia, coastal hotels of the Amalfi coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Hiring professional wedding planners WhiteEmotion.eu will assist you in matching your needs, requirements and aspirations to find the perfect setting for your nuptials and an unforgettable day for your guests.

The option to rent entire properties is available. This way family and friends can stay under the same roof. It is ideal for the couple who have loved ones living across the globe and a great opportunity reunite.

3. Mild Weather

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The Mediterranean climate means Italy enjoys hot and sunshine filled summers, and cold and crisp winters. Although the weather can greatly vary between the north to the south of the country, in general Italy is lucky to still enjoy the four seasons.

When viewing venues, you can expect to find a plethora of options available. Imagine the reception drinks or dining al fresco in the summer months along the southern coast. On the other hand, luxurious halls of traditional villas or hotels of the northern cities will bring grandeur and warmth to a chilly day. It makes it easy to choose a venue that will provide a perfect backdrop to your special day and fulfil your vision as a spring bride. Alternatively, it has the ability to cater for a summer beach wedding or a festive winder wonderland.

4. Delicious Food

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A mistake many couples make when planning a wedding abroad is to try to recreate menus similar to home. Perhaps this is an attempt to please guests and ensure everyone enjoys the meal. But Italian cuisine is notoriously famous worldwide and generally much appreciated by foreigners. So, if you choose to marry in Italy then there really is no excuse not to lean into all the delightful dishes it has to offer. Such as an abundance of fresh produce, fish, local delicacies in additional to locally produced wine.

Follow the lead of your wedding planner and venue and work with local suppliers and caterers. They will be able to serve regional, seasonal dishes you are more likely to serve delicious food to your guests. Local suppliers are more likely to be able to deal with any last-minute changes that may be required and might be more cost effective too, depending on the style of menu and number of courses you choose.

5. Easily accessible

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Italy is hugely popular among foreign travellers. The result of this is that all of the country’s major cities are equipped with international airports, which serve Europeans and North Americans well with frequent flights. Once booked in advance, flights can be purchased at reasonable prices.

If you plan to marry abroad, then it is important to consider the ease of accessibility and transport for your guests. Furthermore, you are not likely to be more than a couple of hours transfer from the airport to your destination when you land. This is ideal is you have family and friends gathering from around the world and likely arriving at different times.

6. The Honeymoon is Sorted

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Easily the greatest benefit to a wedding abroad is that if you choose the location wisely you do not need to travel far after the celebrations have ended for the honeymoon to begin. Italy is a perfect honeymoon destination for many obvious reasons; it is romantic and the islands are glorious. Above all, it has something for everyone regardless of your holiday preferences.

If you want an active holiday, go there is the option of kayaking and sailing at Lake Garda. Or spend time in the great outdoors near the Alps. If you prefer to lounge along the sea then the islands are the place to go. If you are more of a culture vulture do a whistle stop tour of some of the most famous art and historical cities, such as Rome, Florence and Siena. If you would rather a more relaxed beach holiday go south and enjoy the luxuries of the Amalfi coast or a little more off the beaten track in Salento. For a taste of island life, Sardinia is a wonderful mix of a luxurious playground with yacht filled ports, local towns and sandy beaches, surrounding with crystal clear water.


Making the decision to tie the knot abroad is exciting. Choosing Italy as the place for this memorable day is a decision you will not regret. It has so much to offer brides and grooms. You can plan your dream day set to the prefect backdrop. It is an opportunity to create special memories surrounded by family and friends. Without a doubt, Italy is a country you and your partner will look forward to returning to together for many years to come.