Using Your Registry The Best Way

Weddings are a single day that represents a total shift in the lives of many people. The bride and groom must now begin their lives as a unit, rather than two single parties. The families of the bride and groom now have an alliance owing to matrimony. This didn’t exist before. Officiants, venues, and entertainers … Read more

How to Change Your Name in Michigan

Have you ever wondered how to legally change your name in Michigan? Maybe you’re getting married or divorced, or maybe your parents gave you a name that doesn’t fit who you are today. The name change Michigan process is a little involved, but not impossible. Read on to learn more about how this process works … Read more

6 Ways to Avoid a Stressful Divorce

The last thing on your mind when tying the knot at your wedding is getting a divorce, yet many marriages unfortunately end up going down this road. As many people are worried that simply having a divorce may mean a long and expensive court battle, it’s understandable that the first thing they utter about the … Read more

5 Tips on Maintaining a Strong Marriage Within Your Home

Relationships can be complicated and chaotic. After all, it requires two human beings who are naturally complicated and chaotic, as part of human nature. But there are many simple things you can do to nurture your marriage that creates a huge— and beneficial — the difference in your relationship – even just talking intimately in … Read more