Having a Hard Relationship? Let God Be the Center of Your Marriage

Newlyweds are often excited with the thrill or the pleasure they will experience within the same roof. This excitement makes them forget the difficulties they will encounter in their journey. In just one move of the clock’s hand, all the happiness may be destroyed by temptation, trials, or just plain boredom. We usually hear stories … Read more

Wedding Marquee Trends for 2024

“A great marriage isn’t something that just happens; it’s something that must be created.” – Fawn Weaver …and creating a memorable wedding day is just the first step towards building a great marriage!  The venue is the focal point of a wedding, after the bride and the groom obviously. The right venue takes away half … Read more

5 Longest Celebrity Marriages Ever

You probably already know that successful celebrity marriages are much rarer than those that split up. Although, even though most celebrities are famous for their premature separations, there are still some Hollywood stars out there that have managed to stay in one relationship for more than a few decades. Some have lived through unfortunate events, … Read more

Just Got Married? Are you Now Ready to Buy a Home?

Did you just get married? If so, then you are in for the thrill of a lifetime! You will get to share all sorts of things with your spouse, go on adventures and just enjoy having a partner in crime. Unfortunately, not everything will be blissful. You may struggle with finding a place to live … Read more