Most Iconic Engagement Rings of All Time

“Will you marry me?” Perhaps one of the most sought-after questions in every relationship. Engagement rings are a vital part of any marriage proposal, arguably the most crucial aspect on that road to commitment. When it comes to celebrity engagement round bands, they indeed spare no cost. Here, we’ve picked out the most iconic engagement … Read more

Iconic wedding dresses

A wedding day is the most significant day in every woman’s life. That is the day she stops being a girl, and she becomes a woman, wife, and one day, a mother. On that day she has to look flawless, as she is leaving her past life behind and she is walking into a new … Read more

Top 15 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in History

The men who were lucky enough to find the love of their life often think about the old saying when buying their significant other an engagement ring: “Diamonds are the girl’s best friends.” However, precious stones are a luxury not many can afford, and only the luckiest of ladies receive rings that are worth entire … Read more