Are Succulents Good for Wedding Bouquets – 2022 Guide

Wedding season begins in mid-to-late June, just as the weather does. The majority of the time, dealing with hot temperatures is simple, but when it comes to flowers, there aren’t many options other than moving the celebration inside and cranking up the air conditioning. Succulent wedding bouquets have been increasingly fashionable in recent years, and … Read more

How To Choose A Photographer For A Wedding In Manila

Manila is a magical city on the Pacific coast. The capital of the Philippines combines seemingly incompatible things. It is one of the most populous cities in the world. The population density is 43,079 people / square km. Luxurious shopping centers, comfortable hotels, and business centers seem to occupy the entire territory of the city. … Read more

Music For Weddings: 10 Mistakes a DJ Should Never Make

Music is really important to create the right atmosphere on your wedding day. It will always be present during your big day: from soft melodies to dance hits, each song plays a precise role to ensure the right mood. However, there are some crucial mistakes that absolutely must be avoided. That’s why we wanted to … Read more