Bridal Lehenga Designer

Getting married is a dream that many women hope to achieve when still young and vibrant. While different cultures celebrate weddings independently, most brides prefer to celebrate the event in the most remarkable way possible. For instance, who wouldn’t want to celebrate her wedding in a designer lehenga? Who wouldn’t want to ride in top-of-the-range … Read more

10 Ways to Keep Your Wedding Proposal a Secret

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Engagement Ring Trends Over The Decades

Over hundreds of years people have been bending the knee to propose to their loved ones with promises of undying love and enviable sparkly rings to sweeten the pot. Trends come and go with the passage of time and what’s considered fashionable is constantly changing so, let’s look back to yesteryear with 100 years of … Read more

Do Women Care About Size? (When It Comes to Rings!)

Nearly every person imagines this iconic moment in life, a partner drops down on one knee in a request for eternal bond and opens a small velvet box to reveal a donation of their love. The ring slides onto her finger and… Ring size: does it matter? Let’s start with the answer: YES, ring size … Read more

8 Most Popular Flowers in Los Angeles

The beautiful city of Los Angeles has always been the place to visit if you are a fan of constantly pleasant and warm weather and enjoyable climate. Is there anyone in the world who would have something about living in a state of constant sun, with temperatures ranging from 20 °C to 30+ °C? Such a favorable … Read more