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Traditional Korean Wedding Dress – Perfect Outfit to Make Your Day Special

by Lana Vrz

How many of you know about the traditional Korean wedding dress? There are people from across the globe who know much about Korean fashion. However, many people are still unaware of the traditional Korean wedding dress. Tradition is always a vital component of every heritage. In Korea, a traditional Korean dress is what still exists and attracts people from worldwide. Korean hanbok is one of the Korean traditional clothing, which is admired by endless visitors as well as local residents. Today, it has become the ‘it’ fashion to wear wedding hanbok and make their wedding ceremony completely different from others. Traveling through a vast history, wedding hanbok has experienced countless changes with time, presenting us with modern and traditional hanboks to make any wedding ceremony special. Check latest wedding hanboks at Thekoreaninme.com

Before moving ahead, let’s see what a hanbok is.

What is Hanbok?

Hanbok is a traditional Korean outfit which is worn on special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, formal/informal events, and various other special occasions. There are traditional hanboks as well as modern hanboks that you can order online and mark a unique presence in the crowd. Hanbok is made with a unique and premium quality craftsman. The traditional Korean clothing is so appealing that if anyone looks at a picture of hanbok, he/she would get in love with it and tend to order it instantly.

Moving back in history, hanbok was introduced by the Goryeo Dynasty. Not many people know that hanbok what we look today is entirely different from past. Earlier, both men and women had Baji or trousers as bottom wear and waist-length jacket as top wear. With time, Korean hanbok was influenced by the Mongolian empire that brought varied changes in hanbok. The most prominent example of change is the introduction of longer skirts in women and loose pants in men.

The trend for Modern Hanbok:

The ongoing trend is at its height as people across the globe are accepting hanbok as a marvelous outfit for special events. In many popular shows on Netflix, including ‘The King: Eternal Monarch” and “Kingdom,” you can see many characters wearing Korean hanbok and representation of Korea’s detailed heritage. Moreover, many American artists have also marked their presence wearing hanboks.

Now, there are multiple occasions when you can wear the Korean hanbok and enjoy the event to the fullest.

Source: Visit Seoul

Semi-Formal or Formal Events: Whether you are attending a semi-formal or any formal event, wearing Korean hanbok is a must. Parties, social gathering or any casual meeting post -work can be considered as the best occasion to wear this modern hanbok.

New Year’s Eve: New Years’ Eve and New Year’s Day are huge events in Korean culture.  Why not wear hanbok during these events? Wearing hanbok and enjoying Korean New Year will give you a next-level experience of Korean tradition.

Wedding Hanbok: Today, wearing hanbok in every Korean wedding is very common. People love to take their Korean heritage to new heights, and they prefer wearing Korean hanbok to make an event extraordinary. Remember, when selecting a wedding hanbok, you need to properly choose a color that’s perfect for the wedding theme, and that best suits your face and skin tone.

Visiting Historical Sites: There are many sightseeing areas are across Korea where you are granted free entry if you have worn Korean hanbok. With this, you can imagine hanbok’s importance in Korean life and how it binds the people of today with the people in the past.

Source: Seoul Travel Pass

Everyday Wear: Not so common, but many people are using Korean traditional clothing for daily use. People (men and women) are wearing hanbok as it is comfortable and adds beauty to your attire.

For Photoshoot: Your visit to Korea is incomplete if you haven’t taken your pictures while wearing a hanbok. You can rent hanbok and do a professional photoshoot or have a casual, fun photoshoot with your friends. Remember, you will find numerous options to wear, but choose the one that matches you best.

Hanbok-Chuseok: Every year, the 13th of September is celebrated as the traditional Korean holiday. It is a special day when people wear hanbok and spend their auspicious time with the family. It is considered as the best way to spend time with your family and share love altogether. Chuseok is a common place where most of the Korean spend their lives.

There are numerous other occasions when people opt for a traditional Korean outfit and enjoy the occasion to the fullest.

However, among all the options to wear a marvelous hanbok, wedding hanboks are very famous. A wedding is a special event for every person when he/she meets his/her soul mate and wishes to spend the rest of life together, sharing all their happiness and sorrows. To make this day special and retain the heritage of Korea, people wear hanbok during their wedding. However, there is always a difference in what a wedding couple wears and what guests wear.

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If you want to wear hanbok for your daily wear, formal event, or wedding, what is the best platform to order top-quality Korean hanbok?

‘The Korean in Me’ is the one-stop destination to order your favorite wedding hanbok. It is the #1 online platform with versatile buying options that experts and keen artists make to deliver you an unmatched quality hanbok. ‘The Korean in Me’ has buyers from across the globe. Furthermore, customer assistance is not a problem as the staff provides excellent customer service in fluent English.

So, what are you waiting for?

For your wedding, choose the perfect wedding hanbok and make your wedding stand out.

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